Chris’ Corner

January 2018

The Great ADVENTure

Last month I asked people to send or bring in photos of what “adventure “means to them. I got all kinds of interesting and fun images. Photos of weddings, camping and outdoor adventures, wildlife photos, new babies, and much more.

So why did I ask people to bring and send in those pictures? Well, two reasons. #1: Because it was the ADVENT season. Advent refers to the coming of Christ. Someone was getting ready to arrive. Something was getting ready to change in the world. Something BIG. Something significant, even though its wrapping was to be very unassuming and plain. #2: Advent is the root word of adventure.

Adventure seems exciting, new, fresh and maybe even a bit edgy with some risk involved. In that first Advent there was much coming and going. There was excitement. There was risk. There was definitely change. Wise men on a journey of discovery. Pregnant parents on a pilgrimage. Shepherds wandering through the fields.

There is a common theme that runs through all of the photos that were shared and the conversations that were had. What was that theme? In a word, change. People’s lives were changing as they adventured into their new circumstances and situations.

As you start this new year my hope is that you will not settle for the status quo. In your hearts and in your families, relationships and marriages. In your finances, time investments, priorities, and yes even in your church. I want to encourage you to set off on an ADVENTure! Do something this year with Christ. Go on a journey and discover Christ in some new ways that may change you. And those around you! Consider some ways you might do this just in the church realm:

  •  Go on an intergenerational mission trip in summer 2018.
  • Find a few hours per month to read to a child at Garlough Elementary.
  • Mentor a young person or teach a Sunday school class.
  • Invite a friend to join you in church or at a special event.

There may be some risk and some uncertainty if you do. But Christ is with us in adventure. And it’s not just in the church realm, either. Try some adventures with your kids and your families. Take a risk this year. Not a reckless one, mind you. But we do NEED adventures that challenge us. Ones that push us forward. Ones that help us grow. Ones that call us to climb higher, run farther, and dig deeper.

The advent season is now behind us. But I can most assuredly tell you… the Great ADVENTure of Christ is today and ahead of us.




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