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April 2017

What’s Your Story?

During the season of Lent, our adult Sunday School class has been sharing their faith stories with each other, asking each other the question “What’s your story?” When we listen with careful attention to the faith stories of other Christians, we are inspired by the ways in which God blesses us. If you haven’t had the opportunity to stop in and hear someone share, you have two more opportunities to join in on April 2nd and April 9th at 9:30 am in the Bertelsen Library.

Every person of faith has a story to share about the way in which they have experienced the hope of resurrection and new life. These stories are amazing, inspiring, and are meant to be shared! The women who ran from the tomb on Easter morning were examples of the joy, wonder, and excitement that comes from being a first hand witness to resurrection.

So the women hurried away from the tomb, afraid yet filled with joy, and ran to tell his disciples.” – Matthew 28:8

The women “hurried away” because of awe and excitement. They were filled with both fear and joy because the news was so amazing and shocking. They knew that the power of God was so strong that it could even overcome death. From that moment on, their lives changed. What have been the moments of change and transformation in your own life?

During May and June, we will continue with the theme of our life stories of faith, using a curriculum called “The ReWritten Life.” The author examines the lives of several Biblical characters who experienced great transformation as they re-wrote their life stories together with the help of God. As we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit each one of us has the opportunity to re-write our life story with God’s help.

As we approach Easter, please consider the ways in which your own life has been transformed through the power of the resurrection, and also consider the ways in which God is moving to begin transformation right now. Are you moving into a new life stage? Are there areas of personal growth that you have been afraid to address? The power of Easter is the power to overcome death with new life. Join with God to re-write your life story with an Easter-style ending.

Pastor Amy Jo

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