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September  2019



“Relevant” is one of the key words that people use when they describe to me what they’re looking for in the teachings of the church. How are the teachings of our historic faith relevant to our current time and culture? How is our faith relevant to the way in which we live our day-to-day life and make decisions for the ethical good? How is Christianity relevant to the way we communicate and relate to one another? All of these are very important questions as we live our lives in relationship with Christ.

The Faith Link curriculum, which will be used in our adult Sunday School class beginning in September, is specially designed to answer the question of relevance. At the beginning of each week, a new piece of curriculum will be sent to address a current social question that is making headlines. The curriculum is designed to help us think deeply about how our relationship with Christ and the teachings of the Church speak to the things that are happening right here and right now. I invite you to join Charles Duddingston and the adult Sunday School class to experience this new curriculum and to grow in your faith.

Our confirmation students will also be exploring the question of relevance. As they seek to develop and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ and learn the stepping stones of faith, they are building Christian practices that will help them listen to God’s leading throughout their adult life. If you haven’t yet confirmed your faith and become a full member of the Church, I invite you to join our confirmation class on their faith journey. You are invited to grow in faith together at Saint Paul’s UMC.

Many of you have noted the presence of construction workers with a lift over the office entrance to the church building. A roof leak in the narthex this summer was
traced back to the thin brick façade on the highest roof gable above the office entrance. The same area was patched nine years ago. Rather than attempt another patch at this time, the thin brick was removed from this area of the roof and replaced with a durable material that could be more securely attached. This should be a strong and lasting solution to roof leaks in this area. We are very fortunate to have a capital/building fund at Saint Paul’s UMC which allows us to pay for this repair and lasting improvement to our building. We celebrate a solid building from which to be in ministry in the years to come.

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