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During the school year, Sunday School starts at 9:30 am, followed by the Worship Hour at 10:30 am.  Worship includes a Children’s Chat on most Sundays.  Following the Children’s Chat, children may choose to stay for the rest of the service or go to a structured children’s time in the Sunday School area.  On the second Sunday of each month, we enjoy Kids 2gether Worship: family friendly, children focused, interactive worship experience complete with puppets, and lively singing. Fun for all!

Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church has a two year confirmation program for grades 6 and 7 that meets from September through May, once a month on a Wednesday night and at 9:30 am on Sundays.  Special activities are offered for youth from grades 6 through 12 and their friends.


Online Sunday School Resources

Hey St. Paul’s Children and Youth! Sometimes things can be different, but God will always make a way for us to know Him and learn about Him. Each Sunday as you stay home for online church we want you to know that you are not left out.Until we can all be back together we wanted to continue to help our children along their faith journeys while at home. So along with our Sunday online worship service, St. Paul’s UMC would like to offer a weekly Sunday school lesson to help us learn and engage with our children. To keep some consistency, we will continue using the Deep Blue curriculum that we have been using in our Sunday school classrooms all year. The Deep Blue curriculum is aimed towards children ages 4-11, and the added scripture and discussion questions are planned for people of all ages to engage with.

To get started there is a free App that you will need to download called “Deep Blue Adventures” that looks like the image attached below in the App Store:

Every Sunday morning the Deep Blue Adventure App puts out a new Bible story video for you to watch together. (The same videos our 3rd-5th grade class have been seeing in Sunday school and SPLAT throughout the year).

When you open the app on Sunday morning you will see a screen that has the Unit title of the month (February is: A New Life in Jesus) as well as the current week topic. This Sunday’s topic is: “Communities Worship”. (The image below is one from last year when the topic was: “Palm Sunday”). From here you can see what the scripture for the week is, as well as it’s anchor points by clicking on PARENT PORTAL. You can watch the Bible story video for the week by clicking on VIDEOS, and you can play a few digital games that go along with the lesson by clicking GAMES.

Every week you will receive a email from the church that will give you a scripture that you can read beforehand, the Unit and weekly topic listed, a biblical background to read for each lesson, a couple talking points or activities that go along with the lesson, a children’s devotional piece, and a prayer that you can all do together at home.


Let’s take a look at this weeks lesson:
Communities Worship
“A Call to Worship”

Deep Blue Adventure App Video:
Please watch the video on the app labeled  “A Call to Worship”

It takes courage to sing in front of a group, but Psalm 100 encourages us to worship God and raise our voice in praise!

Scripture: Psalm 100:1
“Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth.”

Talking Points: Ask the kids…
1.What made you laugh this week?
2. Was there a difficult part of your week, and what made it better?
3. Is there a song you like to sing to praise God?

Prayer for the week:
Dear God, we are so glad for your great love for us! We give our praise to you for the way that you care for your people.  amen.

Table Grace of the Week:
This year for one of our education goals we have been memorizing table grace prayers with the children. Here is a favorite that you can recite together before a meal sometime this week.

Bow our Heads:
Thank you God for loving me
By your hand we all are fed
Thank you God for daily bread
Thank you God for loving me!

-Pastor Amy Jo

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